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DIY 'Cat' Bookfolding Design: Purrfect Craft for Feline Enthusiasts

DIY 'Cat' Bookfolding Design: Purrfect Craft for Feline Enthusiasts

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Channel the mystique and charm of our feline friends with this 'Cat' pattern. Perfect for all cat lovers, this design brings to life the playful and graceful essence of these beloved creatures.


  • Instant Download: Begin your artistic journey right after your purchase.
  • Tailored for Newbies: With clarity and ease, wrap up this design in around 3 hours.
  • In-Depth Assistance: Rely on our pictorial manual and insightful explainer videos.
  • Pocket-Friendly Masterpiece: At just a dollar, craft a piece that's close to the heart.
  • Unique Gifting Option: Ideal for cat owners, animal lovers, or as a memorable gift for any occasion.

Relive the joy and quirks of your furry companion with each fold.

You'll need a hardcover book with a last page number of at least 248 for this design. A book with more pages is not a problem. Our patterns are designed to fit best in books that have a height between 20 and 22 centimeters (about 8 inches), once standing up.