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Ichthus Pray - Book folding pattern - Cut & Fold

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Folded book art is one of the most beautiful and unique ways to express your creativity. Offering endless options for paper crafters of every skill level, like this Ichthus Pray book folding pattern, you can create stunning decor for your home or office, make an fashionable gift for a friend with this easy to follow folded book art pattern.

That’s why we at Folded Book Art want to make it fun, easy, and exciting through step by step folded book art patterns that help you learn how to fold your own books using a wide range of exclusive designs!

Become a Paper-Folding Pro

The most important thing for you to know is that creating folded book art is far easier than you might imagine, especially because we give you the tools and the structure that you need to do it right at home. In fact, we teach you exactly how to fold each page of this Ichthus Pray book folding pattern, using:

  • Easy-to-Follow DIY Tutorials
  • Videos You Can Start, Stop, or Pause
  • Beginner-Friendly book folding patterns
  • Exclusive Downloadable Images and Words
  • Step-by-Step Processes that Keep You on Track
  • This Ichthus Pray book folding pattern can be folded within a few hours

This is an opportunity to turn your favorite novel, hardback book, or even upcycled copy with a gorgeous cover into an amazing piece of art! More importantly, it can be done in quick, easy steps following our beginner-ready instructions.

Creative Fun and Originality

The best part of making your own DIY folded book art is that you get to tell your own “story” through your creation and share it on a bookshelf, desk, or living room mantle. All you need is the right book, our easy-to-follow tutorial, and a beautiful book folding pattern, and we’ll show you to how to create the perfect folds with less effort.

Expand your paper crafting skills, take up a new hobby, and create an original work of art that’s all your own. Try Folded Book Art today and turn your fun ideas into a gorgeous piece of handcrafted folded book art!

Add an EASY FOLD folding tool to your cart as well to help create sharp and crisp folds. This will give a far better result than using your fingers to fold the pages.


Pattern type
Cut & Fold
Starter Set Suitable, Christmas, Religion, Symbols

What book do you need?

For this pattern you need a hardcover book with at least 318 numbered pages . The size of the book has to be around 8 inches (most novels have this standard size).