Simple heart - Book folding pattern

Become a book folding professional with this DIY basic heart pattern. This pattern is the perfect way to learn how to create a piece of art from an old book. Once you've mastered this method of folding you can do all of our other patterns as well, they all work in the same way.

This simple heart pattern is perfect for beginners who would like to learn how to create their own pieces of folded book art. Within a few hours you've turned an old book into a unique and breathtaking piece of art that everyone will absolutely love and adore.

Folded book art might look complicated, but I promise you it's not that difficult as it looks. It's just a mattern of placing two marks per page on the right place (our pattern tells you where) and after that fold each page twice on the marks. Even a beginner can create this simple heart pattern in just 2 hours. I promise you, it's that easy.

Create stunning gifts for your friends, family or loved ones. Amaze them by your creativity and capability to turn old books that otherwise would end up being trashed or left in the attic, into gorgeous little pieces of art. Created with love by your own hands. Can you think of a better gift than a handmade gift made by you?


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Download the pattern from your account, which is available directly after ordering.


Read the step-by-step instructions that explain the entire process from marking the pages to folding them.


Within 2 hours you'll have a wonderful and gorgeous piece of art made by you. Even a beginner will get it done within 2 hours.

Easy to understand pattern

The simple heart pattern is very clear. It's nothing more than a sheet with page numbers (that are adjusted to the book you're using) and two measurements per page.

All you need to do is follow this pattern by marking each page on the indicated measurements. Once you've done that, simply fold each page on the marks and you're done!

Pattern received quickly and instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have made several of these and the end product always turns out great! Make a great gift!

Sandra L.


I just started working on this awesome pattern and it is so easy to follow. I am new to book folding and absolutely love your patterns

Ryanne B.


Folded Book Art has brought so much fun into my life. I am disabled and need things to keep me occupied. I love folded book art because it's a great hobby and gives you very beautiful results.

Amanda C.


Easy to order, download and to follow the patterns. Just love these. Will definitely be purchasing more! And the price! WOW, best prices I've seen

Heather C.


My first pattern. It came out so cute I have to my sister. She thinks I’m so talented amd bragging to her friends about what I can do. Get your pattern today and get the same results. I’m ready to try another

Gloria C.


This design is intricate and precious, and is perfect as a gift for welcoming a grandchild or for a special friend’s baby shower. Always wonderful quality from this Seller!

Deborah B.


Simply fold on the marks

After following the pattern and placing marks on each page, simply fold each page twice and your perfect handmade gift is ready to go!

My Story

Hi, I am Wouter and I'm the founder of

Folded book art started as a gift for my girlfriend (soon to be wife). I was looking for a meaningful gift for her upcoming birthday. I remembered seeing a piece of folded book art in a boutique in San Francisco and I immediately knew this is THE GIFT. I searched the internet on how to make these, but I could not find any instructions. That's when I decided I was going to figure out on my own how to create it. After fooling around with a few methods I finaly figured out how to transfer letters from my computer screen to the pages of a book.

The book itself blew people away, everyone who say it was intrugued and awed by the details and craftmanship that went into it. I folded the word DREAM into the pages of a book, because that was her favorite word. After receiving so much praise about my first book, I decided to create more and share them on the internet. I wanted more people to be able to create their own pieces of folded book art and amaze other people.

So I created a clear step-by-step manual that explains the entire process, from marking to folding. I also created a simple heart pattern for beginners to start with. I'm absolutely positive you're able to create your own piece of handmade love for yourself and blow the recipient of this amazing gift away. After all, there's nothing better than a handmade gift right? A handmade gift that's looks so complicated to create, but really secretly isn't is even better right?

In this picture you see me creating one of my many creations. I'm always working on creating new designs to share with my community of avid bookfolders. We are also welcoming new members to the club every day, so if you've never done it before, simply give my simple heart pattern a try and experience how easy it is for yourself! The price for this pattern is not even $2 USD, so what can go wrong. I promise you, you can do this! It's not as complicated as it looks.

“Expensive to buy, so why not DIY”


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