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  • Select any pattern you want.
  • Over 450 designs to choose from.
  • Learn a new craft for free.
  • Looks complicated but very easy to learn.
  • Create your own handmade gifts.

Bookfolding made easy

Bookfolding is pretty simple. It's nothing more then folding pages of a book to a certain pattern. By following this pattern you can create an endless amount of designs, the possibilities are endless. In our webshop we offer over 400 different designs, we're also offering custom word patterns to create your own designs.

Select a pattern from our website

Mark the pages

Fold on the marks

Create your own handmade gifts

  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Handmade gifts are the best
  • Create gifts for under $ 5 USD
  • Heartfelt gifts made with love
  • Impress with an amazing gift

What our customers say about us

Pattern received quickly and instructions are clear and easy to follow. I have made several of these and the end product always turns out great! Make a great gift!

Sandra L.


I just started working on this awesome pattern and it is so easy to follow. I am new to book folding and absolutely love your patterns.

Ryanne B.


Folded Book Art has brought so much fun into my life. I am disabled and need things to keep me occupied. I love folded book art because it's a great hobby and gives you very beautiful results.

Amanda C.


Easy to order, download and to follow the patterns. Just love these. Will definitely be purchasing more! And the price! WOW, best prices I've seen.

Heather C.


My first pattern. It came out so cute I have to my sister. She thinks I’m so talented amd bragging to her friends about what I can do. Get your pattern today and get the same results.

Gloria C.


This design is intricate and precious, and is perfect as a gift for welcoming a grandchild or for a special friend’s baby shower. Always wonderful quality from this Seller!

Deborah B.


Recycle your old books

  • Give books a second life
  • Don't throw them away
  • Don't let them eat dust in the attic
  • Turn them into meaningful gifts

Get crafty together

  • Host a bookfolding party
  • Create art together with your friends
  • Perfect activity for a rainy afternoon
  • While folding the pages you have more than enough time to chat

Impress with bookfolding

  • Impress everone with your bookfoldingskills
  • Folded Book Art looks way more complicated than it really is
  • Show off your work on the mantle
  • Amaze everyone who visits you