How will I receive my patterns?
We have two types of patterns. Standard patterns and custom patterns.

Standard patterns are available for download immediately after your order has been placed. You can access them in your account.

Custom patterns are made for you within 24 hours after your order has been placed. Once it is ready, it will become available in your account.
Do you provide a manual as well?
Ofcourse we do! With every pattern you buy you will receive a downloadable and clear step-by-step manual that explains how to use our pattern.
Are there different difficulty levels in the patterns?
All of our patterns work in the same way. If you know how to do one, you can do all of them since they all work in the same way. The only difference is the length of each pattern, the method is the same.

We have two methods of creating folded book art. Measure & Mark and Cut & Fold. There is a difference between the two methods, but all patterns in the same method work in the same way.
How long does it take to complete a pattern?
It takes about 2-4 hours to complete a pattern and have a folded book as a result with the measure and mark method. Some patterns require more work, some less. That depends on the number of pages you need to fold, but in average it takes about 2-4 hours for a beginner to completely mark and fold a pattern.

For the cut & fold method it takes about 3-6 hours to complete for beginners.
Is a custom pattern more difficult than a standard pattern?
No. All patterns work in the same way, this also goes for custom patterns.
Can I request a certain custom pattern?
We offer 4 different types of custom patterns. A custom word or name. Two custom initials with a heart in between. A custom date you want and the last one is a two lined pattern for two custom words folded above eachother.